I’ve been addicted to the IMDB (Internet Movie Database) forever. Way back in the day, companies used to sell movie database programs that were like CD-ROM encyclopedias of film (Microsoft had one, as I recall). IMDB made things like that pretty much obsolete. We constantly reference it in my household:

Me: Oh hey, isn’t that the guy who played Palpatine in the Star Wars movies?
Hubby: No way. Wow, he looks so young! That can’t be the same guy.
Me: I’m telling you that’s him. Ian…Ian….
Hubby: Ian McDiarmid?
Me: Yes!
Hubby: I don’t know…I’m going to go look it up on IMDB.
(A short time later I “win” because it is Ian in whatever the heck we were watching.)

Anyway, I read on Digg this morning that IMDB has changed their page layouts, and I have to admit I find it rather jarring. This is probably because I’m just to used to the old way things looked.  I don’t know if I like the new design or not. What do you think? Check out an actor (above) or a film, and judge for yourself.


2 Responses to IMDB

  1. gravybread says:

    Thanks for the heads up on IMDB. Haven’t been there for awhile but used to visit it daily. Nothing wrong with the old design. Guess somebody had to fix something that wasn’t broken just to justify their existence/paycheck. -Evan

  2. groovymarlin says:

    Hehe, possibly. I’m not really sure what they hoped to achieve, but I just noticed they have a “redesign FAQ” posted:

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