Mac vs. PC

Mac vs. PC - TM Apple“Hi I’m a Mac…and I’m a PC.” We’ve all seen the very clever ads. But which do you choose, a Mac or a PC? Honestly, I think this war is over and the winner is…a tie. Both types of machines have their pros and cons, and what it really comes down to is a battle of operating systems. However, even that battle has ended in a truce. Now that Macs are built on an Intel processor, you can easily install something like Parallels and run both Windows XP and Mac OS X on a Mac. When it comes to office and productivity software, either choice is valid – Microsoft Office obviously runs on Windows but there is also a version for Mac OS X. In addition, the excellent OpenOffice has versions for both Windows and OS X (NeoOffice is a free port of OpenOffice for the Mac, and OpenOffice is working on their own as well). OpenOffice has come a long way, and I really like it – but that’s another post. If you go totally web-enabled with the “Google Operating System,” then all you need is your web browser of choice – they all work with Google Docs and Spreadsheets, GMail, GCal, etc.

As the owner of both Mac and PC notebooks, I think having both is the best solution. It’s taken me a while to get to this place, since I was, for many years, not a big fan of the Mac. But after spending some time with it I’ve fallen in love, and now I’m glad I have both. If you can afford it, having both is definitely the way to go.

Why I Love My Mac

– iLife. Simple and intuitive creation of videos, photo projects, music tracks, and more.
– Works out of the box. I plug in my iPod, DV camcorder, camera, etc. and it just works.
– OS X. Elegant, beautiful operating system seems soothing compared to Windows!
– Built-in camera. For video chats, creating avatars and kooky fun projects, and cool Mac-only applications like Delicious Library.
– Sleek. Black. Light. Elegant. Easy to travel with!

Why I Love My PC

– Gaming. More games are supported on PC than Mac, and in my personal testing, even the ones that support both just run better on a PC. I have to have my WoW fix!
– Familiarity. When you get right down to it, I’m just used to my PC. If I want to do something technical, I tend to do it here.
– Watching movies. This just happens to be the case because of the kind of notebooks I have. My PC is a big, glossy 17-inch beauty; perfect for watching videos or other multimedia. However, if I had one of the big MacBook Pros, I’d probably watch stuff on that instead!
– Work. Unfortunately I am still forced to use my PC for a lot of work-related tasks, such as accessing our VPN and successfully using our overly-secured Outlook Webmail.

Mac vs. PC? Get both!


2 Responses to Mac vs. PC

  1. Gaffa says:

    I can’t believe you’re declaring a tie! Anyone who can count would clearly declare Mac the winner. Reason being, count how many times your Mac has locked up vs your PC. Count how incredibly long it takes your PC to boot. Or how long it takes to shut down. Or count the number of viruses you’ve be hit with.

    For most, gaming isn’t a factor any longer. PC’s nor Macs will keep up with the Xbox, Playstation, or Wii.

    Fess up! The only reason you’ve given the PC any points is just because of history, not usability or quality.


  2. MGilly says:

    LOL! I will admit no such thing. However, for me, gaming is a BIG factor. I don’t play console games at all, though I think the Wii looks like a blast. I need my PC for World of Warcraft, the end (and Guild Wars, when I still play, and City of Heroes/Villains, if I ever resub, and the SWGEMU, if they ever finish it).

    I will say that my next computer purchase will almost certainly be another Mac. So while PCs outnumber Macs in our house right now (approximately 5-2), the Macs are slowly gaining.

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