More Mac Madness

AppleOK, so I’m using my Mac more and more. Since the last time I talked about it, I bought and installed Parallels, and started setting up a Windows XP Virtual Machine on my lovely MacBook. This further inspired me to buy more RAM for my baby, and also a copy of Windows XP SP2 (installing SP1 and then trying to upgrade to SP2 in a VM was seriously giving me a conniption). So the RAM and the SP2 are in the mail. In the mean time, I have a gig of photos and two gigs of video to parse and edit on my Mac, from a cookout last weekend where my daughter encountered two exciting concepts for the first time in her short life: dogs and swimming pools. And I’m still trying to set up my home office, which will be a thing of beauty when it’s done, but for now is a pile of boxes and bins and lots of old receipts and things that need to be shredded. At least shredding is a highly satisfying activity!

Speaking of Macs, I had an interesting conversation with some friends of mine this weekend, between the cooking out and the pool and so forth. I was saying that, as much as I love my Mac and OS X, I really hate Safari. I always use Firefox instead, and only launch Safari for quick checks of browser compatibility on sites I’m testing. We talked about Safari and why Mac continues to support it (the consensus seemed to be the existing investment in integration and APIs), instead of getting behind Firefox in a big way. Mac users, how do you feel about Safari?

How do you feel about Safari (Mac OS X’s built-in web browser)?

  • I love Safari and always use it when I can.
  • Meh. It’s OK, but I’d just as soon use Firefox or something else.
  • I hate Safari! What is Apple thinking?
  • What’s Safari?


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2 Responses to More Mac Madness

  1. gaffa says:

    Not sure why you’d want to run any PC stuff on your Mac? That’s like putting onion in your Fruit Loops!

  2. MGilly says:

    Well it’s not really that I want to run PC stuff, I just have to. Especially for my freelance work (supposedly the reason I bought this Mac in the first place), I need to test web apps on multiple browsers, especially Firefox (PC or Mac), IE6 on PC (sometimes IE7 too), and Safari. So running Windows just makes it easier.

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