As My Mama Used to Say…

Old news to many, I’m sure, but here’s another case of a blogger who was fired for, well, blogging. There’s getting to be quite a storied history of this kind of thing happening to prolific bloggers. Remember Heather B. Armstrong?

A lesson to keep in mind: be careful. If you blog with your employer’s blessing, go for it. Otherwise, don’t mention your workplace by name, don’t mention your co-workers by name, don’t mention your customers by name, etc. And if people can get a pretty good idea who you are just by reading your blog, maybe it’s best if you don’t talk in specific terms about your job at all!

Believe me, I have kept all of these rules in mind myself. I try to talk about my job in only the most general terms, if I need to talk about it at all. And while I do blog here under my real name, my other blog, where I get really creative or political (and sometimes bitchy), is posted under a pseudonym. I think of myself as having two personalities – and never the twain shall meet! 😉

Oh, and what was it my mama used to say? Well, pardon the colorful language, but she always told me: “don’t shit where you eat.” Right you are Mom, right you are.


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