Are YOU an Agile Tester?

I’m an agile tester – well, I think I am. I wasn’t always this way. I used to be a very rigid, inflexible tester. Yes, I can look back from the safe distance of a few years (and a few jobs) and admit this now. I was too rigid! I liked process – I liked it A LOT. I may have depended on it a bit too much. But the great thing about QA, like many fields, is that there are many opportunities to learn, and learn I have. I have learned that sometimes process is better when it’s lean; that documentation can be more useful when it’s dynamic rather than static; and that when chaos surrounds me, I can create my own process and use it to succeed.

In an article on, Erik Boelen proclaims “I Am an Agile Tester!” It’s a pretty good, and even entertaining, article. As QA, we need the reminder that agile does not equal a total lack of process; our customers and stakeholders (both internal and external to the organization) need that reminder even more sometimes!

I’ll be attending the VERIFY 2007 conference in Crystal City (Washington, DC) October 29-30. Let me know if you’re going to be there too!


One Response to Are YOU an Agile Tester?

  1. Erik Boelen says:

    thx for the positive feedback on my article!
    I’ve been reading around on your blog – this is also how I ca;e to this post – and there are some interesting items on there!
    But I saw that your last post is from December. I hope you haven’t stopped posting these items?
    I’m starting a forum on software testing myself – – as I feel the need for people with good ideas on testing!

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