Perfect Software

Thanks to James Bach, I became aware today of a new book about software testing, Perfect Software
—And Other Illusions About Testing. You can pre-order it right here, which I almost did. Almost. Pre-ordering will get you 20% off the cover price, which is a good deal. Unfortunately, you have to pay for UPS ground shipping at a total of $10.75! My stingy, greedy little heart froze at that, and I cancelled my Paypal shopping cart. It looks like a great book, but I think I’ll wait until I can get it on Amazon, and take advantage of my Prime membership for free 2-day shipping.

In other topics, I’m prepared to be the lone tester* at the upcoming Agile IT! Experience conference in Reston at the end of the month. If by some chance you’ll be there, leave me a comment or drop me a line. Always good to see other QA enthusiasts.

*Of course I don’t know that I’ll actually be the only tester in attendance, but when I go to things like this that are not testing-specific, and more generally about agile development, I usually am. 😉


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