Google Chrome

I just read through this very clever comic book explaining Google’s new browser, which they’re releasing tomorrow. I have to say, it was VERY effective – both in explaining to me what makes Chrome different, and in getting me excited about trying out Chrome! Sadly, my corporate overlords will probably prevent me from installing Chrome at work for the foreseeable future (they haven’t even approved Firefox 3 yet). But I can certainly beat the heck out of it at home!

Another reason I loved this comic book thing was all the great information that’s included for just about every tech audience. Specifically, there was some really interesting information about the QA efforts on Chrome, and how the team uses automated and manual testing, how they select their test data set, and what their goals are for testing Chrome.

Wow! I’m really getting geeked up for Google Chrome! Hmm…I better bring my Macbook Pro to work with me tomorrow…


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