The Horror…

Let me start by saying yes – it’s been over a month since I posted here. Frankly, I haven’t been feeling very inspired about QA lately. It’s possible I may give up this blog all together. (I still have a personal, non-QA blog and a “mommy blog” that I post to pretty regularly. Email me if you’d like links.) But I did see something yesterday that I had to mention.

I read a post yesterday about excuses that testers often use for not finding bugs. Frankly, I thought it was horrible, and I’m not going to even link to it here, but if you read Testing Reflections, you saw it. I’m not going to address the content of the post, really, though I will mention I thought it was mostly asinine. No, what horrified me most about this particular post was the atrocious grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Or perhaps I should say lack of grammar, spelling, and punctuation. It was, quite possibly, the most poorly written thing I’ve ever seen that was supposed to have been written by a professional in the field of quality. Do you see the irony?

It is probable that the author of that post is not a native speaker of English. NO EXCUSE! That is not, and has never been, a valid excuse for publishing a piece of writing that is so poorly executed it’s nearly unreadable. We’re not talking about an internal email among colleagues (although I personally would find that just as annoying), this was a published post on a blog about quality. If you don’t feel your grasp of English is sufficient, have someone proofread and copy edit for you. How can anyone take you seriously, writing on a topic related to quality, when the quality of your own effort is so obviously shoddy? When you apparently did not care enough to either look up the correct spellings, grammatical usage, etc. yourself; or get someone else to do it for you if you are not competent enough?

If you didn’t see the blog post in question, do yourself a favor – just take my word for it. It was truly a piece of crap. Don’t try to find it and read it yourself, because it will make you want to stab your own eyes out with a rusty fork. Reading it is like listening to fingernails on a chalkboard, with a migraine, and a hangover, while someone blows cigar smoke in your face. Please spare yourself the frustration.


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