Snow Leopard and a Hard Drive Hissy Fit

I upgraded my Macbook Pro 17″ to Snow Leopard this week. It went pretty well. What they say is true – startup times are noticeably faster. For all the apparent tweaks that went into Snow Leopard, what it ended up costing me ($24.99 I think on Amazon) was definitely worth it. Except I also had to spend $49-ish to upgrade my Parallels to version 4.  But I probably should have done that a long time ago anyway. So I guess this time we’ll call it even.

In a story with not such a happy ending, my dev laptop at work went belly-up on Tuesday morning. I arrived to a BSOD, then it wouldn’t boot at all. IT took it and anaylzed it for me, and while the hard drive was OK physically, the file system was apparently corrupted. IT had to re-image my machine, which means I lost everything. (To give my IT dude credit, he did try to hook my drive up as a slave to another one, in order to recover any data he could, but it just wouldn’t work.)

THANK GOD FOR SUBVERSION. All my deliverable test documents, both final and draft versions, were checked in; along with my test logs, notes, JMeter scripts, and every other thing I thought might be important. However, I did have to re-install all of my software. I took the extra step of adding some free backup software and scheduling a daily backup of all my important data and settings to my network share, just in case. Apparently IT makes sure this is happening on my corporate machine, where I naturally do no important work at all; but when it comes to protecting my dev machine where the real work happens, I’m on my own.

OK then. Lesson learned.

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